About Us

Kerbobble Toys is a unique toy store that sells select new toys, quality used toys, comic books, games, puzzles and more. We also offer vintage and collectible toys, action figures, dolls, memorabilia, and more!  We're located in the Historic District of Old Town Manassas, Virginia. You never know what treasure you'll find at Kerbobble Toys because our products are always changing!

We're a family-owned business in Northern Virginia. As a family of collectors and bargain-hunters, we decided to bring our love of finding old treasures and our passion for toys together to create Kerbobble Toys. We want to present kids with options that maybe they've never seen or played with before. We want parents and grandparents to see a toy from their childhood and get excited to introduce it to their kids. And of course, we want to promote recycling to help our planet and get perfectly good toys into the hands of those who will love them! 

All of our used toys and books are carefully selected and inspected to make sure they are in great shape and working condition.  We sort, disinfect and research our toys to give you the best possible product at a fair price. If you're interested in selling toys or books to us, please visit our Toys We Look For page.  

Happy Playing!  


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