G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary: Codename Shipwreck (Sailor)

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NEW 25th Anniversary Shipwreck!

Debuting in the second animated mini-series “GIJoe: The Revenge of Cobra”, Shipwreck quickly became prominent member of the team, edging out many “older Joes” for screen time. His cocky attitude delivered with a Jack Nicholson-esque drawl quickly made him a favorite with audiences who saw him as a “key part” of any episode.

It wasn’t until the revival of GIJoe: A Real American Hero by Devil’s Due Press that Shipwreck began to get more “panel time” culminating with his inclusion on the “core team” of the America’s Elite title. Regardless of which continuity he comes from, Shipwreck is now a member of the 25A line and the result is better than one might expect.