Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Holiday Yoda

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• From Lucasfilm's 1981 greeting card design by Ralph McQuarrie, Holiday Yoda is a must-have for this year's holiday season!

• Sculpt/Articulation: Holiday Yoda is a redeco of the 12" Yoda - Jedi Mentor figure released in 2011. It features 21 points of articulation: ball hinged neck, shoulders, becips, elbows, wrists, knees, torso, hips and ankles; swivel waist and thighs

• Accessories (9): Removable Santa hat, removable jacket, removable pants, removable belt, drawstring sack, toys, ball, alphabet block, cane

• Packaging: Holiday Yoda ships in a festive, holiday theme gift box with printed Star Wars "wrapping paper". Inside, there is a replica of the 1981 greeting card painting which serves as a cover for the protective foam insert.

• Release Date: November 2011